Knitss is a creative and contemporary knitwear brand inspired by graphic themes, patterns, structure details and color combinations. The brand is made of the finest Italian materials with remarkable workmanship, and manufactured in its own premises in Europe with particular importance to high sustainability and social compliance codes. The story dates back to 1991, when Mr. & Mrs. Boz started a company to produce the best knitwear for world's top brands. The couple had a boy, Umut, who joined the business in 2006, as the second generation.Ms. Duygu Ergin was born in 1986 as the younger child of a family who was also working in textiles industry. Mr. Umut and Ms. Duygu met in 2011, and after getting married, they decided to combine their skills and create a brand that would be nothing like before, that would fill a gap of luxury and yet easy wearing for the modern metropolitan women, and that would be made of great attention and details.This is how Knitss is created. Knitss not only give great important to design but also to very high quality and sustainable product.They manufacture all their products in their own European factory with high standards. They use high quality Italian yarns. They make products with sustainable ethics. “Sustainable production and business ethics is our core value. We produce our products in our own factories with high ethical and social compliance standards.” Knitss is life. Colorful, enjoyable, carefully crafted, always remarkable.