Privacy policy

This privacy statement was last amended on 3 September 2015.

1. General rules

The company CELAVI SPRL cares to preserve your integrity on the Internet. That is why the present privacy policy defines the treatment and protection modalities of your personal data when using our online services.

With every consultation of the website, you will be bound to the present Privacy Policy. To assure that you consent with its content, please consult it every time you visit our website. To offer you the best privacy modalities possible, the content of this document will be amended accordingly and in time.

 We apply the law of 8 December 1992 on protection of privacy in relation processing of data of a personal nature, as adapted by the law of 11 December 1998 and the law of 13 June 2005 on electronic communications, and every other applicable law.

2. Collecting personal information

1. The present Privacy Policy aims to inform you on the use of your personal information. Therefore, only necessary information (including every information that you voluntarily provide) regarding our service delivery and use online will be collected, treated and utilised. Furthermore, the use of your personal data will not be executed without your consent, or if so allowed by a legal provision. 

2. Personal information shared whilst browsing our website will be treated and collected by and under PRIVEJOKE (Société CELAVI SPRL) liability, whose head office is located at 76-78 rue marché au charbon, 1000 Bruxelles. 

Personal information will be treated and used1 for the following purposes:

  • Supply to you services and/or goods purchased of sold by your through our website;
  • Answer any question or query you may have;
  • Send you marketing communications regarding PRIVEJOKE and its partners products;
  • Collect anonymous statistics on our users;
  • As a direct marketing purpose;
: Data collected shall be kept for as long as necessary until all objectives are met

3. The company CELAVI SPRL, as liable manager of your personal data is committed to ensure the protection of your personal information. Furthermore, we guarantee free access, rectification, cancelation and opposition to any personal information we may retain and at any given time by postal dispatch at the above-mentioned address, or by electronic mail at In this sense, this information will not be used or communicated to any third parties or utilised for direct marketing purposes other then for PRIVEJOKE.COM

4. As a web user of the website, you recognize that every personal information given is accurate and true, and you agree that any applicable change in your personal data will be communicated.

In case of disclosure of another person’s personal information, you must inform this other person of the use of their personal information and you must obtain that person’s consent to both the disclosure and processing of the said information.

If you purchased a good, the personal information of the third party will be utilised as followed : (a) organise the delivery and/or verify the reception of the corresponding good and ; (b) answer to any query or suggestion you may have on the said good.

5. You are entirely free not to communicate any personal information. However, some of our services require such communication and may therefore be denied to you.

6. We wish to inform you that some of our links to the website may contain hypertext links and other references to other websites that we have no control over and for which the present privacy policy is not applicable. Being in no way liable for other websites content, offers of goods and/or services, we urge you to carefully read the rules of privacy protection applicable to every website you may browse.

7. By using our website, you consent to the rules of the present privacy policy and consent to the use of cookies of

3. Cookies

As a result of recent changes in the legislation, every website operating in some part of the European Union is required to obtain your consent for: (a) the use of cookies and other similar technologies on computers and mobile devices; (b) collect, treat and store your personal information obtained through the use of cookies.

The company CELAVI uses cookies via in order to optimise PRIVEJOKE online by improving user navigation and, to provide excellent service quality to its users.

Please note that the cookies used by the company to not store any personal information such as a user’s address, password, banking information, etc.

3.1 What is a cookie?

A cookie is a file containing created by a web server that sends it to a web browser (every time a website is visited, the web browser resends the same file to the server).

In other words, cookies are stored on the hard drive of the users computer anytime if browses a certain website. These cookies may be installed either for the length of a user session, or during a few days, years, or indefinitely.

We are therefore not talking about executable application, but textual files containing one unique identifier allowing the identification of a user in regards to the number of visits of the same website. Cookies may be classified according to their origin, function and lifetime.

3.2 Cookies set up by PRIVEJOKE

The company CELAVI SPRL exclusively treats information stored in cookies from the website, except for cookies from Google Analytics that are treated and generated by Google and ourselves for statistic purposes.

The cookies set up by PRIVEJOKE.COM, in association with Google Analytics and Google AdWords, play an essential role in the company website’s optimisation. Their main purposes are:

  • Improve users online experience;
  • Obtain socio-demographic information on users in order to target their needs and therefore help them further in their browsing;
  • Analyse online behaviour in order to identify different types of interactions that users may have with the website;
  • Offer excellent service quality;


3.3 How to deactivate the use of cookies?

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that our browsers settings allow you to modify the approval of cookies (by deactivating the publicity settings of Google Analytics as well as the parameters of ads for mobile devices). Theses parameters are generally found via the « option » menu or « preferences » of your browser. To better understand these parameters, we invite you to check out the « help » tab of your browser.

3.4 Your consent

By using the website, you consent to the use of cookies by the company CELAVI SPRL and agree to the terms of the present Privacy Policy.